Cleo Who’s Analysis of the The Day of the Doctor Trailer part 2

Gettin’ all squee over the less obvious elements of the footage and theorizing what the images actually show.

I’m going through the trailer shot-by-significant-shot, looking for clues an’ stuff. I’ll skip over one or two of the more obvious and self-explanatory shots and look more closely for the ambiguous hints of what we can enjoy in just two week’s time!

Part 02 of 02

Part 01 is [ here ]



Something explodes, and it probably blows at the UNIT HQ because Kate (Lethbridge) Stewart is there.

The white-coated woman also present, wearing the Fourth Doctor’s scarf, is Miss Osgood (played by Ingrid Oliver). The character of Osgood is reportedly the daughter of Sergeant Tom Osgood; a UNIT soldier from the Jon Pertwee era (and a bit of a tech-boffin as seen in ‘The Daemons’).


I do wonder if this is actual footage from The Day of the Doctor, or just some behind-the-scenes japes. Either way, there’s no real hints or clues in this footage but how could I not include these glorious few seconds! Matt! David! Fez. Specs!

A Fireplace?

Ten, Mayfly and Eleven appear to be working together.

A fireplace - or something directly in front of it - is engulfed in a nice juicy ‘xplosion, possibly as a result of what the Doctors have done (they don’t seem to be recoiling or ducking for cover).

The setting looks Elizabethan, so it could be set in Earth’s past. But then again, UNIT has a habit of making British Stately Homes into Head Quarters, don’t they?

Rose the Bad Wolf?

A hairs-stand-on-the-back-of-your-neck moment! Where is she? The background is indistinct, but it looks perhaps like Gallifrey?

Rose’s hair, and what we see of her clothes, is vaguely Elizabethan.

Those eyes… Bad Wolf!!! Or are they? Too obvious to think Bad Wolf when Rose’s eyes glow. Perhaps too much of a spoiler for the BBC to show as well. Perhaps this shot is a red herring?

I suggest that this is a Zygon disguised as Rose revealing itself. And perhaps the Zygons play a much bigger part in the story than we’ve all been led to believe?

The Horse

I can’t figure who it is riding this horse. Why is it in the TARDIS? Could this be Arthur the Horse from ‘The Girl in the Fireplace’?

Hmmm. Fireplace…

Teleporting Clara

That thing in the foreground appears to be a note tied to a (crystal) rock. The type of thing you throw through windows… or perhaps space/time wormholes?

Is that Captain Jack’s vortex manipulator that Clara is activating?!

Mayfly Moment

Mayfly looks to be in a ruined building, probably somewhere in that sandy wasteland we saw him in earlier. Before him is a… thing.

Rose is heard to say ‘The Moment…”.


This looks like Rose talking to a slightly spaced-out Mayfly. But it doesn’t sound like Rose as she finished her sentence (from above) “…is coming” - as in “The Moment is coming.”

'The Moment' is mentioned in 'The End of Time';

RASSILON: “What news of the Doctor?”
CHANCELLOR: “Disappeared, my Lord President.”
TIME LORD: “But we know his intention. He still possesses the Moment, and he’ll use it to destroy Daleks and Time Lords alike.”

Bad Wolf Rose? Zygon Rose? In some way an altered, augmented, possessed or fake Rose? She knows about the Time War and - I get the distinct impression here - that she’s manipulating a newly regenerated and confused Doctor into committing the genocidal act that haunts Nine, Ten and Eleven.

"I’m Ready"

That… thing, again. Mayfly’s hand hovers over it and we hear him say “I’m ready”. Is that red gemstone possibly an ancient Gallifreyan artifact of immense power known as ‘The Moment’? Is this what the (missing) Doctor comes into possession of, as reported in ‘The End of Time’?

Or is it a big red button? We know that the Doctor can’t resist a big button!

"A great big threatening button which must not be pressed under any circumstances, am I right?" - The Christmas Invasion

"I’m ready" sounds like a reply to an instruction. More to suggest that perhaps Mayfly is being used - or perhaps just mislead - rather than acting entirely of his own volition.

Mayfly’s TARDIS

Definitely not Ten’s or Eleven’s console room. This must be the TARDIS from the unseen latter-days of Eight’s residence. Well, the console is similar in size to Eight’s movie version, anyway.

Mayfly is at the controls and is seen acting with determination and confidence, in contrast to the confused and bewildered chap we saw earlier.


The last few shots of the trailer are pretty straight-forward; Matt being wonderful - “Geronimo!” - and more of the dogfighting in space.

All the above are just my excited and obsessive observations, of course!