Cleo Who’s Analysis of the The Day of the Doctor Trailer

Gettin’ all squee over the less obvious elements of the footage and theorizing what the images actually show.

I’m going through the trailer shot-by-significant-shot, looking for clues an’ stuff. I’ll skip over one or two of the more obvious and self-explanatory shots and look more closely for the ambiguous hints of what we can enjoy in just two week’s time!

Part 01 of 02

Part 02 is [ here ]



It’s battered and has no St John logo, so it’s not Eleven’s TARDIS. It’s landed in a sandy place and the occupant has left footprints.

Dalek Saucers

Thousands of them. Definitely Dalek technology, we’ve seen similar in Bad Wolf and The Parting of the Ways. The saucers are engaging in a battle above a planet… can we assume this is Gallifrey, and that this is an excerpt of the legendary Time War?

The Capitol

The seat of Time Lord society on Gallifrey, the Capitol is clearly under attack. The camera pans to suggest that beneath the domed towers lies a complex or city perhaps?

The City?

Is this what lies beneath the Capitol? A scene that looks to be inspired by the X-Wing Trench Run scenes in Star Wars IV: A New Hope. This looks to be a city being attacked and defended by dogfighting ships. Gallifreyan navy vs. Dalek armada?

The Daleks have Landed!

Dalek drones on the ground, in the thick of battle. It seems the airborne defence of Gallifrey fails.

Muck and Devastation!

Carnage on Gallifrey. This is, presumably, a Gallifreyan trooper fighting for his planet. The silhouette reminds me of Judge Dredd, but that’s another fandom entirely!

The Mayfly Doctor (as Steven Moffat has referred to him)

Stood in a wilderness of sand with footprints behind him. Appears to be the same location as the TARDIS (ref: Whose TARDIS above). The battered TARDIS probably therefore belongs to the Mayfly Doctor.

The location might be Gallifrey, the inhospitable wilderness beyond the Capitol said to be inhabited by Outsiders and Shabogans (referenced in ‘The Deadly Assassin’ and ‘The Invasion of Time’).

Mayfly looks bewildered and is heard to say that he is “…looking for the Doctor”. A very post-regeneration thing to say!

Mayfly wears the same leather coat we see worn by Nine in Series One. The rest of his clothes are reminiscent of those worn by Eight. The WW2 combat gators he wears over his calves, combined with the familiar WW2 leather jacket, suggests he is dressed for warfare. Are these the clothes that Eight was wearing when he ‘died’? Will we see Eight fighting the Time War, suffer a mortal injury and regenerate into Mayfly?

Ten and Eleven

Our Doctors look like they’ve been caught doing something they shouldn’t, but then just meeting each other is a serious breech of the Laws of Time (Blinovitch limitation effect, an’ all that). They’re in what looks to be a woodland - caught trespassing, perhaps?

Ten’s reply of "You’ve certainly come to the right place" clearly isn’t in response to Mayfly’s line moments earlier, that’s just a witty piece of trailer editing.


I’m pretty certain that this is Joanna Page playing the young Elizabeth I. Appears to be in the same wooded area as Ten and Eleven (above) and is clearly anxious, perhaps being followed.


The shape-shifting warmongers from Tom Baker’s era are back, and looking pretty great. Apparently a minor foe for the Doctor(s) to contend with in the Elizabethan era.


More nerdiness and excited-over analysiing from me later. What are your thoughts? Do you think I’m near the mark so far with my ‘The Day of the Doctor’ deductions, or am I blowing a load of hot air?