"Only a killer would know that."

Boom Town - series 01 - 2005


"…I’ll go alone. Ask me why."

Destiny of the Daleks - season 17 - 1979


"This is what I travel for…"

Aliens of London - series 01 - 2005


"Gentlemen - I’ve got news for you."

Horror of Fang Rock - season 15 - 1977


"That’s a typically Sontaran attitude."

The Time Warrior - season 11 - 1973


"Perhaps he can’t answer the questions."

The Krotons - season 06 - 1969


"Not one line!"

The Aztecs - season 01 - 1964



Our local doctor who fan club has been organizing screenings of the new series 8 episodes as they air, and last week we decided would also screen one episode of the classic series as a “sample” to each doctor’s era (so that people who want to start the old series have somewhere to start, other…

Just my thoughts and opinions…

1 - The Aztecs (a fantastic historical ‘we must not alter history’ story)

2 - The Krotons (a typical ‘the Doctor champions the underdogs’ story)

3 - The Time Warrior (Sarah Jane Smith debut with a proper, scary Sontaran - the medieval setting will play well against The Robots of Sherwood)

4 - The Horror of Fang Rock (“I thought I’d locked the enemy out. Instead, I’ve locked it in, with us. ” - a creepy story to compliment the very creepy Listen)

5 - The Black Orchid (a Poirot-esque murder-mystery to compare with the Ocean’s Eleven-esque Time Heist)

6 - Revelation of the Daleks (very dark and subtly witty, plus you need at least one Dalek story in the line-up and this is one of the best.)

7 - The Curse of Fenric (a companion’s faith in the Doctor and vice-versa is a theme… I hear that Kill the Moon will also address this subject.)


"That information is confidential!"

The Ribos Operation - season 16 - 1978


Everything about this scene is perfect.

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"Hello, hello…"

Deep Breath - series 08 - 2014

Yes - the Doctor is still the Doctor; I see William Hartnell, Christopher Eccleston, season 12 to 14 Tom Baker and even a dash of Jon Pertwee in the fusion… but I also see someone very new and very, very exciting.

I love Peter Capaldi’s Doctor.


"The S.S.S.S…."

The Invasion of Time - season 15 - 1978


"Door! Boring! Not me!"

Deep Breath - series 08 - 2014


"And a big, long scarf…"

Deep Breath - series 08 - 1214


" Nothing’s inexplicable."

Nightmare of Eden - season 17 - 1979

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